Wonderful Are His Works

Wonderful Are His Works.

We are thankful for being able to see and record some of God’s wonderful works. While we have been without a telescope for 11 months, there have been opportunities to observe the moon, a comet, star patterns, and the brightest planets on repeated occasions with our eyes and the use of binoculars. So, we testify of our Creator’s goodness, the display of His creative power in the heavens, and the opportunities to observe all sorts of things this last year. We look forward to seeing more of His works next year and declaring the wonder of them all.

I have taken four of the last observations that were done in November and December 2021 and placed them in this post. Each has a little description. We look forward to His presence, leadership, guidance, and lordship this coming year.  We leave this year with thanks for our marriage covenant, our temporary home where we lay our heads safely at night, and His hand in our circumstances.

First Sketch:  This binocular observation was not much after sunset, so the blue was still in the sky while Venus and the new moon were increasing in apparent brightness. A little while later, we grabbed Jupiter and her nearby stars. All these are very common observations, but each scene is always unique due to atmospheric conditions, time of day, and year.





















Second Sketch: Grabbing a lunar eclipse is always a pleasure, and this one included the Pleiades in the field of view, which is always a pretty sight.




















Third Sketch: While Comet Leonard was initially not a visual spectacular, catching it with the crashing surf in the background and the smell of salt air over the empty beach at the hours when most people are asleep was memorable.






















Fourth Sketch: We had the pleasure of watching the waning gibbous moon in both November and December over the tree line in the back of our apartment complex. The trees are dominated by what we call a “gum” tree, whose leaves turn a multi-colored spectacle in Autumn. After the leaves were gone (a month later), you see the “gumballs” hanging from the same tree. Sometimes we turn those into ornaments by dipping them into paint and applying glitter. So, I used acrylics on scrap wood pieces to set the edges, acrylics to paint the tree and the moon, and black pen to do the writing. While the moon is not that accurate in detail and its placement is adjusted a little, the concept remains of a beautiful pair of observations one moon cycle apart. It was a gift to my lovely wife, who observes with me.

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  1. Lovely work!

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