Where did language come from? What about different “races”?


Just what is the origin of language? And, where did all the “races” come from? These are common questions but the answers are dramatically different in a biblical view compared to a naturalistic or evolutionary view. The CreationStudyHelps YouTube channel has a new 9-minute video on the topic if you would like to see it. The link: Fifth Video: Flood Aftermath, Babel, the Problem, and the Solution – YouTube.


Most of our subscribers are older, and many of you have contact with those who are younger or know missionary works in developing regions. These videos are designed for them if they have English as a first or second language. We incorporate a British-sounding voice at a slowed speed, knowing that listeners may not be proficient in English. Subtitles are in English also to help understand the material.

While the material is covered in more detail in our resource, the videos average 8-11 minutes to cover key points and answer common questions. With the introduction, there are now 6 videos. A trailer interviewing us (Roland and Faylene) covers information on getting the free Android cell phone APP and the reason for the resource. If you have not taken a look at the videos, we invite you to watch them. You may be able to pass the links to people we will never know, but it may answer many questions and be passed to others who have questions, too.

To find the videos, simply type “CreationStudyHelps” (no spaces) in the YouTube search window. You can also get to them by typing “Roland and Faylene”. To get the Android cell phone APP with the whole resource, go to Google Play (where you get APPS) and type in “Creation Study”. The download is small and it works!! We wish we had one for Apple phones but do not. We are working on a couple ideas (one is an interactive book) that we hope Apple will accept. We shall see. You can pray for this last endeavor, because it is not simple


We are investigating potential ways to translate the resource into Spanish. Then, perhaps we can develop a Spanish version as a free Android APP. Some volunteers are working to get us the video scripts in Tagalog for the Philippines. If that is successful, we can eventually offer the videos in their most common language.

If you are like minded and have ideas how we can get other translations done at little or no cost, let us know. As we state often, our desire is to get this resource in developing or closed regions, and especially young people in those locations. We have been in several developing regions and reviewed their books. In almost all cases, no bible-based resources are available and nearly all books in schools only present a naturalistic or evolutionary view of history and the sciences. We would like to change that. The Bible has answers, and we have a resource that can be used with a Bible to show that God is the creator and shows us that we need Him. It was His business to begin the Bible with those critical chapters in Genesis, because it shows what He did, what went wrong, and why we need Jesus Christ.




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