What About Those Dinosaurs?

Do Dinosaurs Eat People?

I still remember the question from a little boy, and it has been posed more than once. The eighth video on the CreationStudyHelps YouTube video channel is published. “What About Those Dinosaurs”  answers that question but goes further to summarize the evidence and interpretations of that evidence concerning dinosaurs. The answers to typical questions, which depend on the same evidence, vary widely because they depend on whether an evolutionary or biblical world view is held as a baseline assumption.

Dinosaurs certainly existed. Depending on your definition about the term, some of them still exist. Why not take a look at the video and have your children watch it, too. Don’t worry, nobody is eaten. You will find some interesting fundamentals, assumptions, and review some of the evidence in about 11 minutes. For more information, get the resource or check the links. Information is in the description below the video.

You can also find information on this site under COURSES and DOWNLOADABLE COURSES (https://cwm4him.org).

Here is the link to the video: Eighth Video: What About Those Dinosaurs? – YouTube

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