Water’s Winter Wonders

The rain steadily fell for a day while the temperature dropped to freezing. As night fell the rain stopped but the wind blew as temperatures plunged to well below freezing. Once the cold front passed, the wind disappeared, and the water level on the river began to drop a few inches a day. It took this perfect sequence of events to produce “riversicles” along the banks in two days. Little glistening groups of them hung over the river from branches of trees all along the river. The prettiest of the riversicles were gone in a couple of days as the temperatures climbed above freezing.

A month later a light snow fell overnight. This one fell under very cold conditions without a breath of wind. Again, it took a particular set of conditions to leave the river boundaries and trees covered in a powdery snow. When the wind came up the next day, the snowy scene disappeared in a couple of hours.

I grew up around coastal waters. I have seen ocean waters that are green and angry to placid and turquoise. Over the years I have kayaked swamps, rivers, rocky coasts, and ponds. Water is simply incredible, whether it is liquid or frozen, deep or shallow, hot or cold. It makes no sense to have so much on earth when compared to the other planets and when its presence is considered in view of the dominant “it all came about by itself” naturalistic view of origins.

The biblical view of water is radically different. 2 Pet 3:5 says that scoffers will come and overlook the fact that the earth was formed out of water and through water by the word of God. It is a reference to Genesis 1. The next verse in 2 Peter speaks of the Flood, which is a reference to Genesis 6-8. So, we have a substance whose presence makes no physical sense, except in a biblical view. We have widespread worldwide evidence of the Genesis Flood event, but it is most often denied.

We also have little scenes around the world like the two I described above, that should not happen if any of the theories of earth’s origin are considered from a naturalistic sense. That does not include any discussion about fresh water sources on land masses that permit humankind to easily survive. Truly, water on earth makes no sense, except that God said ‘this is what I did’. The whole water cycle on earth is unique. Earth was intended, according to Isaiah 45:18 and Genesis, to be inhabited. That would not be possible without water the way we have it around us. Have you ever read that verse? Take a look.

It is easy to take water for granted, to forget to ask the question, “How can this be?” Why is it nowhere else like it is on earth? The Bible has the answer. The Creator wants people to see what He has made and why He has made it. Take a look for yourself for the answer to the question “why” by looking at Acts 17:26-27. The Grand Creator wants us to know Him, and He made His creation so that man, in particular, would reach out to Him. Will you deliberately not consider this? Why not reach out to Him?

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