Vaccines and Covid 19 (October 2021)

Vaccines and COVID-19 continue to be hot topics. We have numerous reports or contacts with people in the last few months that have strong feelings or have made conclusions. Some of them, however, have reacted emotionally or have been unable to separate the politics from the technical details of the vaccine. There are data sets now available and verifiable that clear up some of the issues. In view of the lasting pandemic, it is worth reviewing the subject with reputable sources and confirmed data. That is not always easy.

Our context: we take a biblical view — we live in a fallen world that has disease. We pray for people. On occasion they are healed. On other occasions we pray but the solution involves preventable measures, where God gives wisdom to combat some diseases. Vaccines are quite often wise and developed well. So we recommend some recent articles at Creation Ministries International (, where one of the tasks of a few of their scientists is to follow the COVID-19 data and explain the important things from a biblical perspective. We know a couple of the staff, qualifications of the staff in general,  and regularly read their articles. They are already in the business, as I was with my past experience, in separating truth from fiction, fact of from politics (necessary on this subject), and putting things in a biblical perspective.

You might ask if we are vaccinated. Yes. We reviewed the available data, before CMI articles were published, and prayerfully concluded we needed to be vaccinated. Should vaccination be mandated? That is a loaded question. But to ask the question means that we, like anyone else, should first determine if the vaccine is good. Whether the vaccine should be mandated is a secondary question. See the end of this post for considerations.

Two recent articles we recommend are not short. I recommend, however, that you take the time to read them. Even if you do not need to, they might be helpful for someone you know. If there are questions remaining, talk to your health professional, especially if you are in a higher risk category in medical terms.

The bottom line is this: COVID 19 and its variants are dangerous, more dangerous than some viruses. The degree of danger for this discussion is the mortality rate for an unvaccinated population, which is around 2%. So, the subject gets personal in a hurry when a friend is among the 2%. The fatality rate among vaccinated people (some do get the virus when vaccinated, but not many) is a small percentage. Fatality reduction due to vaccination has been demonstrated, as supported now by a statistical population around the world. Please read the articles for details, numbers, biblical considerations, etc.

The links below are for two of several articles on the subject that we recommend that were published by CMI scientists. Their publishing requirements include multiple reviews and cross checking before you see them on the site.

Should Christians vaccinate? CMI, vaccines, and vaccination –

RNA Vaccines and COVID-19 –

There are other articles and YouTube presentations on related topics. To read any of them or see the list, go to and put COVID in the search window in the upper right.

What about mandates? This is where declines to give an opinion. While I will not give firm opinion, I am pragmatic and have considered what I would do if I was in charge of a small ship (my experience), or a company, where contact with lots of people regularly occurs. In either case, can you see where it is a hard choice for a CEO or commander? What if you have a busy grocery store in a hot region…and you have 20 clerks seeing all the customers? Personal freedom is important, but many organizations have done the numbers and estimated the loss of function or people if they choose to do nothing. Unlike other viruses, this one can take a percentage of that company (members or clients) or ship’s crew out of commission for quite a long time. Will the virus get weaker as some do so that nothing needs to be done? How long would you wait to act if you were a CEO or commander to find out? What is the cost in terms of people or function if a policy is not instituted? But this issue must still be separated from the more fundamental question: is the vaccine good or bad? That is why we recommend reading the articles.

What about masks. They help some. How much depends on a complex set of factors. Again, the issue gets personal and sometimes in heated situations. The Bible does have some guidelines. Be respectful of others to the point that you not cause someone to stumble. If there are rules for using services in a location, obey them, so as not to give offense.

Regardless of strong opinions about mandates, we believe the numbers clearly indicate that the COVID vaccine is good. In a fallen world that has disease, stemming from what happened in Genesis 3, development of vaccines over history has had good results by saving millions of people. I wish they had a vaccine as effective for other viruses.

Still have questions? Talk to your doctor.


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