The Essence of Our Wrong?

One might think that the essence or key quality of our wrong or our sin is something we do. That is not accurate. What we do is the end result of something that has already occurred: we want our own way.

It is worth pondering and going to the Bible to see what is accurate. We are nearly at Christmas 2020, which is the traditional time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who came to save us from our sin. What we determine as the essence of sin makes a huge difference in understanding whether we really can celebrate from the heart. Do we understand why a relationship with Him is more than doing things “right?”

The subject hits a sensitive nerve quickly and is one reason why a biblical world view is so unpopular. It all started near the beginning with the purpose of His creation (Genesis 1 and 2): to have a people for Himself. We are unique, have God’s imprint, and have the ability to want Him or refuse Him. Shortly after the creation week, it was all “very good” as recorded in Genesis 1:31.

The radical change occurs in Genesis 3 that records the entrance of sin. Examine the conversation that occurs between the Serpent (or the Evil One, or the Devil) and the first couple (Adam and Eve). The Bible clearly records their thought process (3:6-7) and records their accompanying actions. They (and we, as descendants) mistakenly believe we can be like God without a relationship with Him. The Bible records man’s sinful state numerous times. Many references in the New Testament refer back to this Genesis event. If it is not true, then Christianity has no merit. If it is true (it is), then one understands why we need fixing and why the world is broken. Before the change recorded in Genesis 3 there was a perfect creation. This is quite a contrast to what is popularly taught, where billions of years of death, destruction, and slow development of life from single cell creatures finally arrives at modern man, who is getting better, on a not-so-unique planet.

So, the coming of Jesus Christ, once and for all, heralds the arrival of the Savior, who alone can take away the sin that is rampant in every human being since the first two. Mankind generally wants its way without acknowledging, answering, or consulting the Creator. Take heed how your heart acts, and make an observation: whose will do I want most — mine or His? If you truly celebrate Christmas as a believer, you have accepted the fact that “thy [God’s] will be done” in any situation, any speech, any words put to print, and any actions with other human beings. That is a tall order, and, in fact, cannot be done without knowing Him, walking with Him, and being quick to ask forgiveness when we choose wrongly. For this reason, just following rules never works, because it never gets to the heart of the matter. The Bible presents core guidelines, of course, but a heart change must occur for the root problem of our dark hearts to be fixed that began with Adam and Eve’s thoughts and actions in Genesis 3. That is why we must be “born again,” as explained in the conversation with Nicodemus in John 3.

Consider Isaiah 30:1 as it says, “Ah, stubborn children, declares the Lord, who carry out a plan, but not mine, and who make an alliance, but not of my Spirit, that they may add sin to sin.” (ESV)

Do you truly celebrate or recall with joy or remember the reason for His birth? He came to save us from our sins — the same problem that began with the first created human beings.

It is a good season to give thanks. What season is not?


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