The Cry for Him

Human hearts cry for stuff. Some cry for social things and relationships. Some want a king. Others want to be the king. The clamor of human affairs marches on. But who cries for the Almighty? Contrary to the popular naturalistic theory that we came from the eons of evolution and we are in charge of our affairs, God says we were conceived before we were born (Psalm 139:26-27) and we have opportunity to reach out to Him no matter the place or time period (Acts 17:24). He says nothing else fixes our basic need and our brokenness. Do you see your life’s activities that way?

My wife and I inspected the barren landscape of the crescent moon and settled to study a group of craters south of the lunar equator. We enjoy observing and especially the time with each other. But the cry of our heart is to know Him — the same one that gives us our next breath, makes us inquisitive, and puts peace in the soul. The little sketch is evidence of a good observing time, but we keep it in perspective.

Our hearts cried for stuff at one time, just like anyone else. Over the years we have enjoyed what most people say would be good things, but we have also had difficulties, suffered loss, experienced failure, and watched the destruction around us. There is no substitute for knowing the Creator. We enjoy observing facets of His creation, but it groans as well (Romans 8:22). The barren lunarscape has a stark beauty but no life. The stars are amazing, but they have no answer in themselves for the needs of our souls. The celestial sphere shows the handiwork of God (Psalm 19:1). But seeking after them in a singular way misses the point. Like other things in creation, whether broken or seemingly OK, we need Him. Creation points to Him. Our brokenness points to our need for Him. There is no substitute for knowing Him.

Who cries for the Almighty? He awaits the souls that will call on Him and walk in that knowledge as it grows in their walk. We urge the reader: call on God. Christ came, was crucified, rose again, and sent His Spirit to those who will do just that. Other things that we seek after pale in comparison and at best, only point to our need of Him.

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