Heart Call to Return

Unfathomable love runs deep, but it’s hard to explain. We recently had a lunch meeting among friends, but one person had come to hear an answer to a question: “Why on earth we would devote ourselves in such a way?” We told of personal encounters and the joy of knowing… Continue reading

Moving Forward and Thankful Looking Back

A New Threshold. Faylene and I are moving forward into new waters in several ways. First, the biblical creation curriculum is now going to print in the Philippines for schools in the Institute for Foundational Learning (IFL). That action brings a concentrated period of training of teachers and pastors that… Continue reading

2018 Report and 2019 Projections

The following link takes you to our report on our 2018 mission work in the Philippines. It includes our personal status and a summary of activity. We have made some projections for 2019, and leave for the Philippines by middle January to accomplish the first set of a number of… Continue reading