Publish Announcement — Apple and Android Apps on Biblical Creation vs Evolution

Publish Announcement for Apple and Android Apps for “A Study of God’s Creation filled with Purpose, Direction, and Consequence.

To get the Apple App: go to App Store search window and type: Creation Study Helps.

To get the Android App: go to the Play Store and type Creation Study.

For BOTH, look for the white hand emblem on a blue circular background. You have found the App. Publisher: RJ Beard Publishing LLC


Notes for the Android App:

There is a choice of two Apps. Only the “book” content is in the Creation Study App, which is a much smaller App but has the complete contents of the regular paperback book.

If you want the extra helps, English or Spanish version, and extra resource pictures, then download the Creation Study Helps App. To exercise some of the features outside the basic book and some of the helps, you will need internet connectivity.

Notes for the Apple App:

For the Apple App, the book, both English and Spanish versions, extra helps, and pictures are all embedded. Some of the features outside the basic content will need internet connectivity to work completely.

Notes on content organization: This App is easy to use and easy to read. It is written at the nineth grade reading level, divided into 60 lessons (four major sections), and is suitable for schools, homeschools, church groups, and home study. It can be used by Christian or those who are seeking. The Android App can be sent from phone to phone via Bluetooth.

Video on YouTube on the APP:  Trailer for the Resource (free Android APP) — A Study of God’s Creation – YouTube

Author Note (Roland Beard):

  1. These Apps were developed and offered free to be able to get them to people with limited resources. Please pass the word of their availability to anyone who uses Spanish or English. Genesis is the framework for the Bible. The first chapters present key information about what happened to man and what God did. Genesis is not true as written, then the need for Jesus Christ evaporates.
  2. The contents reviews and discusses the first eleven chapters of Genesis, which covers key questions from young people like: who am I, what is my purpose, why are things broken or bad? It is forthright in a comparing biblical world view of history to the concept of evolution that is now taught worldwide. The content covers issues about what happened in those early generations and why we need a savior. However, it also presents key information from creation scientists and specialists that has been developed in recent decades. Details about the flood model are presented. Questions about dinosaurs, aliens, and alleged “prehistoric” man, and fossils are answered.
  3. I want to reach millions of people with this free resource, and the cell phone is a wonderful way to make it available. Please consider contacting mission groups that could use and pass the resource. If you have ideas who we might contact about the resource, let us know.
  4. Do you want to learn the material and teach or encourage others with it? This is the App for you. How can we encourage you? Contact us. Do you need the App in another language, it might be possible. Talk to us.


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