Only God Would Know

Several times the young teen put his hand in his pocket to feel his money as he walked with purpose toward the baby department. He felt odd to be in the store’s display of diapers, cribs, and baby bottles, but he envisioned a brown eyed baby and its mother with black hair opening the Operation Christmas Child Box full of the baby items of his choice.  The young mother would wonder about the generosity of a total stranger for her and her little one.  The scene played over and over in his mind.  Only God would know.  That was enough.

He saw he was not alone in the baby aisle. While making his mental choices of baby items, he noticed a young mother who, also, was making mental choices.  One item, then two went into her cart, and then her hand slowly placed them back on the shelf as she contemplated the most necessary items for the money she had.  The scene repeated itself several times.  His vision of packing and wrapping his box of baby items was slowly being replaced with the present need of a young mother. With a look of hopelessness on her face, she placed the last item back on the shelf and was about to walk away.  The young man sensed the Prince of Peace was near. He purposefully reached into his pocket, drew out the money, and slowly approached the young mother.

“Here.  Buy what you need for your baby,” he confidently instructed.  Her questioning eyes filled with tears; her trembling hand received the money.  She smiled a thank you to the young man who just then represented a loving Savior who saw her need.

“Merry Christmas!” and he walked away… warm and smiling. Only God would know.  That was enough.


(True story about 13-year-old Aaron L. as told to his mother)

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