Moving Forward With Direction

Moving Forward With Direction.

I frequently ask young people how they see themselves in ten years. The answers vary greatly, but the absence of a sense that God is leading most of them or directing their paths is what stands out, even among many who claim to be Christian. When I speak to those who are older, a sense of relationship with God or His purpose is also not often mentioned in typical conversations. Other things seem to take first place, like the cares of extended family, lamenting over public issues, relationships, the next vacation, health, the next athletic contest, or the next home project. In general, pleasures and cares of this life are the first things mentioned, and they are not stated as having anything to do with God.

In contrast, a very small fraction of adults and a few young people testify of some relationship with God and seek to get His direction. In these people, God is not just a solution for an emergency, but He is a part of regular life.

God is clear in the Bible that when Christ is at the center and foremost in a person’s life, it becomes obvious in the person.  2 Peter 1 makes clear that true disciples or believers are intended to bear increasing fruit through life, so God becomes even more prominent. Judging from my observations, however, few people grow in this direction. So, it is not a surprise that I get met with blank stares or silence when I casually mention that it might be good to ask God about decisions, situations, or looking forward.

But what about you, the reader? If God is not known very well, would you like to change the situation? Are you hungry for a relationship with the One who made all things? The Kingdom of God does have a King, and a relationship with Him is the point of being a citizen in it. The cost of not knowing Christ, once life is lived, is high, because life cannot be lived again.  So, as Paul reminds the Athenians in Acts 17:24, it pays to reach out to God and find Him. There is no avoiding the judgement of each person’s life in the end, and that judgement centers on whether the relationship with Jesus Christ is real.

In Acts 26, after years of life and ministry as a Christian, Paul is brought to King Agrippa, who had not reached for God and found Him. Paul repeats his life testimony. He cites that he began as an educated, zealous Jew, who actively participated in persecuting Christians, but was radically changed to be a follower of Christ. He urges King Agrippa to become a Christian, but Agrippa avoids a decision and sends Paul to Rome. As a prisoner, Paul continues to write, testify, and encourage believers. Eventually, he is killed for his faith. Paul’s life is a picture of determination, motivated by a relationship with God who gave him direction. That means he got plausible, real, understandable direction and encouragement from God along the way.

Consider this: Jesus Christ speaks repeatedly of keeping God first and living by faith in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, where His life, death, and resurrection are described for us. He constantly points to the value of knowing and walking with Him. The first four books of the New Testament provide picture after picture of the process of repentance from going our own way and choosing to believe the living God. We were intended to know Him in a fruitful relationship, which includes getting direction from Him and walking with Him. As Christ explains in several places, that is the whole point of having the Holy Spirit (see John 15:1-9, 13:1-4), who is our Helper in the process.

So, what do you want to do?

Consider our testimony. God led Faylene and me to relocate more than once, become close to people halfway around the world, and make a new home in the US for people to come and be encouraged — even in our 70s. His life with us is the motivation for what we do. Following Him gives peace that cannot be obtained any other way except by walking with Him. It is worth telling people about it, and that is precisely what we do.

In present terms, we have started another small home group. We schedule nights to observe the created heavens. We continue to move in a direction that is in response to how He walks with us and guides us. It continues to take a lot of work to do all of this, but we are dead serious about it. In less than six months we will probably return to the Philippines to continue to encourage other young people to know God and follow Him. It is likely we may eventually go to other places, though flying those distances and being in foreign lands for a couple months at a time is not all that easy anymore. We continue to write materials that might encourage others to know Him. All of this takes time and energy, and we are not being paid to do any of it.

So, why follow Him? If you knew His love, peace and direction, you would understand.  Have you ever sensed that kind of peace, known His direction, and been aware of His loving kindness? Have you seen Him change lives and heal brokenness? We can testify that moving forward with Him becomes the only direction worth pursuing, just as the Scripture tells us many times.

If you have questions about this, seek answers from the Bible. If you want to question us, contact us. If you are in the local area and want to visit us, or observe the created heavens, or just talk, contact us. You can also find us on Facebook.

It is life to know Jesus Christ. He truly is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6)

Roland and Faylene Beard

at GateWay, Bottoms Way Drive, Bear Creek, NC


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  1. A blessed day sir Roland and ma’am Faylene. God bless

  2. Roland!

    How wonderful this message is…and it reminds me to ask GOD first- before I embark on anything. Love to you and Momma Faylene!

    • That is what He intended from the beginning…a walk of fellowship with Him through the Creator, Jesus Christ. Keeping an open book for God to see and comment or redirect is a good thing. It may seem counterintuitive, but that kind of walk with Him stimulates creativity and fruitfulness.

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