Maritime Parables — A Coming Trio

The Master of Parables, Jesus Christ, is the Author of an array of parables that are a significant part of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). Further, He often speaks to His children in parables, pictures, dreams, and visions that use natural phenomena. I have heard many from friends or read them in books for decades. Biblical truth stands by itself, but that does not limit the Holy Spirit’s ability to speak to us in parable form when we need it.

Jon Beard’s Photo from a tug on the Chesapeake Bay

In the coming couple of weeks, I have three examples to share that have blessed my heart and reminded me of key biblical thoughts. I hope you enjoy them. Each of them is in terms of open waters with sailboats or ships. I grew up on the water and spent four years in the Navy on the last of the wooden hulled ships (ocean going minesweepers). Like many of you, I have visited the oceans countless times by kayaking rocky shores in Maine, walking the sandy banks on the Atlantic coast of the US, and walked the rockbound coast of southern Australia. I am not unfamiliar with the nature of water and it’s interaction with land.

Waters and sky before a storm at the Outer Banks, NC, USA

In more recent years, Faylene and I have learned key things as the Holy Spirit has impressed us with stories, pictures, and parables that deal with ocean waters or ships. In the next three ‘Maritime’ posts I will share three of them. In the meantime, if you would like to research the subject, try a word search on water, or waters, or seas. You will find that the Bible has much to say about them as they show up in descriptions, examples, and stories.

Even the new biblical creation curriculum course, which is now in print in the US and being used in some IFL schools in the Philippines, contains many lessons on the Genesis Flood, whose waters covered the earth and played a major part in changing the the topography of the planet. The seas play a central part of Acts 27 and part of Acts 28 in the dramatic story of Paul’s shipwreck. Water is beautiful, but it is also powerful.

I hope you enjoy the coming maritime parables and stories. I close on a familiar quote in Habakkuk 2:14: For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.

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