Loved Ones in the Philippines Need Help

July 29, 2022

Greetings friends or followers of the CHRISTWORKS site.

We have a situation that has developed in the Philippines at the ministry where we have our mission station. IFL-ICDMI (Institute for Foundational Learning for short) has had a series of health issues that have recently occurred that have taken us to prayer. We have also sent some personal funds. Please pray for the situation, and if you are impressed to send some assistance, we would be glad to send it with our next amount with them also. Here is what has happened:

  1. Several of the orphan or staff children have Dengue fever. I know what it is like, since I had it when in the Philippines when we were there in 2019. There is no cure. It attacks the blood system. In my case, I was nearly instantly healed after Faylene prayed for me, but these children are not healed so far. Of the five who were just admitted to the hospital, two are in critical condition. Please pray. Date of information: July 29, 2022.  We know all of these children.
  2. Two staff have recently had hospital stays for other medical issues. One is still in the hospital.
  3. Ongoing test requirements for COVID (to be in the hospital to accompany children or to deal with the needs of staff who are hospitalized) are expensive in that country for the average citizen. So, the hospital stays, all of which require additional accompanying staff to be in the hospital, require testing. When we left in April, the going price was $60 per test. That is not bad for us, but for the average Philippine citizen and especially a ministry that does not have much money, it is the reason why most people do not get tested — it is expensive for them.
  4. The sick children who were just admitted require several IFL staff at the hospital. Those staff are teachers or house parents. Working indigenous ministries are one person deep in most positions, so their normal operations are heavily challenged in this situation.

Please keep the medical matter of our friends in prayer. If you want to join us sending assistance, you can contact us or use the donate button.

I will provide an update in a week or so.

Thanks for reading.

Roland Beard

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