Lessons from Chasing A Comet

Getting my eyes opened at 3:15 am is a feat in itself, but I needed a little lead time to gather some gear and head to a neighbor’s land that has a great view to the east. Comet Nishimura has gotten some press lately, so I wanted to take a look. By 4:15 am I was set up and ready, but the sky did not look so good. It was a beautiful, nevertheless. The moon had a gentle red ring because of light play through the sheep clouds. There were holes to catch a nice early glimpse of wonderful Orion. I could even see the whisp of the nebula by the same name with a 7 power binocular. Sirius was rising but so low that it’s  scintillating light, caused from lower clouds and a lot of atmosphere due to it’s low position, flashed all sorts of color. As Venus rose in the east, I hoped for a hole around her that would permit me to see the comet that was slightly to her left. Alas, it was not to be. By pre-dawn light, I headed home.

However, I have had many situations like this as I observed different objects in the sky. If you are not prepared, the chance to observe, in most cases, evaporates. So it is as God knocks on the heart of an individual. If you don’t or aren’t willing to whole-heartedly open the door, the opportunity evaporates. It might happen again, but it might not. We humans have a propensity to get engaged in all sorts of activities as we chase our desires and defend our own way. The One that made us is forgotten easily. And, He does not generally jump in front of person and shout, “I am your Creator. Your next breath depends on me.” Rather, He restrains himself. But when the opportunities do arise when He knocks on the heart, one must be ready, positioned, or poised to want Him. Otherwise, He rightly figures we are not interested. And life goes on without Him.

As recorded in the Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, Christ made many calls to every day human beings to pay attention. He thoroughly demonstrated His wisdom, authority and power as He presented the kingdom of God. He publicly endured ridicule, rejection, and death to do all that, but He also rose again. The words in these books are, in themselves, enough to draw people. But it is more likely when one questions life and purpose in real situations when He makes a “cry” to the heart. I can tell you, it’s worth opening the door, turning from your way to His. That is the kind of preparedness He looks for as He whispers in our hearts and in our situations.

So, I enter any possible observing of the heavens the same way. One never knows what sights might in store, but if I don’t prepare, position myself, and move forward when the opportunity comes, then that kind of event almost never happens.

As a matter of interest. I have included a sketch below of one of those opportunities to record what I observed. That particular evening was a surprise because the conditions were so good, I had everything I needed, and the Orion Nebula was simply beautiful. I did not expect such a beautiful sight, but I was ready to try to record it. You can see the result below.

Remember, when God knocks, and does it with everyone, are you ready to let Him in?


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