Higher and Deeper, Note 3

Higher and Deeper, Note 3 Roland and Faylene March 20, 2020

The fresh bread smelled so good. I lay it on the table for a picture after reading in John 6. But the bread on the table is not eating it. To be of any use, it must be eaten.

So it is with the Bread of Life, who is Jesus Christ according to the Bible. In a tumultuous time, people go after many things, but those things perish and do not feed the soul. Seeing God’s works is not enough. Seeing things around us does not help the heart. Jesus said you must feed on Him (John 6:57). He came to provide life forever to those who would eat.

The crowd had followed him because Christ made bread for thousands. Two of those instances are recorded in the Bible. The crowds were ready to make Him king. He warned them not to go after things that perish but to eat of the Bread that does not perish. He is life — especially in the middle of circumstances that rattle and shake the soul, like a pestilence, a recession, or a calamity.

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  1. His presence is our very bread to eat until we are fully satisfied. Especially in times when our flesh may fail, Lord willing we will all stay well. We as christians are called to bring down the powers of the enemy and we continue on.

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