Higher and Deeper — Note 11

Higher and Deeper — Note 11.
Believers: Not Forgotten and Don’t Forget.

Our friends in the Philippines will be waking up on Easter morning in less than three hours. The compound at IFL has an advantage because they are a ‘unit’ together, so they see each other but also worship, pray, have chores, have bible studies, and have learning ongoing. At the same time, they have social distancing as much as possible within the compound itself, which is hard to do with children’s homes, families, and residences. But, the important thing: they see each other and speak to each other.

For the rest of us who might be in homes alone or not be with anyone else, the Bible is clear in John 14:18 (I will not leave you as orphans…) and Psalm 68:6 (God sets the solitary in families).

Believers: this day, this season of Easter, or any day, the imprint of God on you means you are meant to (1) know Him in a very personal way and (2) that knowledge extends to our social contact with each other. The part with God must be done by each one but the second part is for us to do. How?

If your unit is a family, contact and love one who has none. If you are alone and have a believing friend, contact them and love on them with your words, a note, Messenger, Zoom, or a shout — whatever it takes. If you are lonely, let a believing friend, whom your trust, know that you feel alone. If you cannot find anyone, contact Faylene or me on Messenger, and we will include you in a conversation. If you are within driving distance, we will do our best to see you at a distance (within the rules of social distancing that we have).

Let this time of ‘social distancing” make you, as a believer, determined and militant about contacting others, talking with them, and rejoicing in the One who assures us that He will not leave us as orphans. Indeed, He has not. He is risen. Or, if lonely, swallow your fear and contact someone, because I know that I know that I know…you are not alone.


Postscript Note: There have been rules in some counties and states in the US that have threatened closure of churches, denial of assembly, and criminal actions/fines against them if they meet. We know of at least two reputable organizations that have been dealing with those cases in the last weeks. Several states and counties, as a result of action by these organizations, have modified their rules. This is good news. Social distancing requirements, however, must be upheld, high risk members should be asked not to attend, and specific hygiene guidelines must be upheld. If there are questions, check your local authorities and/or contact the Christian Law Association, who is the organization we normally deal with. There are others, but we are less familiar with them.

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  1. Happy Easter Be safe and Be Well
    God Bless

    Buck &Jeannie🙏

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