He Remembers

It was early 2017. The little girl was sobbing on the stairwell. A father had already forgotten her for years, and she was temporarily separated from her mother. I loved the little one, who was normally smiling. All I did was hold her. After a few minutes she finally quieted down. The sobbing stopped. In the coming days, then months, then years, I became her ‘tatay’. It was not planned, but God remembered her because she was fatherless at the time, and in need.

Just recently I got a text from her. It was the only reminder I received this year. She inquired, without saying anything else, if it was the fourth anniversary of the death of my late wife. Linda and I had been married over 40 years, and Linda had also been close to this little one. The little one remembered, and God reminded me that He remembers. The little one is now four years older, and it seems that sometimes I am still her ‘tatay’.

I also remember Gene, who died a little less than a decade ago, having been married to my wife, Faylene, for almost 35 years before the Lord took him home. God remembered Faylene during those difficult years that followed Gene’s sudden death. I knew the man, and he was my friend. His grown children still miss him, but God helped them through their grief, too.

Now the two of us (Roland and Faylene) are still young in our fresh marriage covenant, but we are blessed beyond measure. We also remember our heritage and remember what He did for us in our times of need. He has made us soft-hearted toward widows, orphans, and those unable to speak for themselves because we, to some extent, have been there. Such is the work of our Lord Jesus Christ, as He says He will not leave us as orphans. His nature is to gather outcasts and the injured to invite them into His kingdom. Then He causes a change in us so we identify with the same things.

God remembers us when we seem or feel alone, without help, and without consolation. For those who call on Him and want Him, He is the Father that brings life and refreshing in time of need.

Thank you, young one, for reminding me. I remember, too.

Psalm 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

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