Finance Report with Comments (2022)

2021-2022 Finance Report and Comments.

We normally post our financial report for the previous fiscal year (ours runs from Aug 1 to July 31). The CHRISTWORKS MINISTRIES board met to review and approve the report in September. Copies are also forwarded to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, since CHRISTWORKS is a Virginia-based non-profit. Contributions are well below the minimum required for more detailed reporting to authorities.

We are thankful for the contributions of finances, helps, and prayers from friends. The image shows the official finance summary as of July 31, 2022.

We continue to pay our bills, have received a few more contributions, and continue our major projects. Our current balance of funds as of the end of November 2022 is a little over $8000, which will permit plans to be made for a return to our Philippine mission station for two months in early 2023. Our last mission trip was in April 2022, and that report is on this site. Many of our loved ones at the Institute of Foundational Learning are yearning for our return, and we have much work to do as we serve staff, teachers, and children. If finances permit, we project a second trip in late 2023.

Our major project remains biblical creation instruction/training and encouragement to people in the Philippines. Our second project is the maintenance and posting of material on the website ( Our third project is to extend the use of our free resources to other places. Our overall aim, consistent with the ministry’s purpose, is to share the Gospel and the importance of a biblical world view — especially to young people.

We are praying that the Lord will open other doors in Asia. We are also attempting to reach Spanish-speaking ministries in this hemisphere to provide our resources. The cell phone versions of our resource include teacher/parent helps, an online Bible, and links to videos. The smart phone remains the easiest and most efficient way to spread our materials.

The basic resource, which covers the first eleven chapters of Genesis, also covers hot topics, such as where we come from, why there is evil in the world, the truth about dinosaurs, the fossil record, the truth of the biblical time scale for history, why we need Jesus Christ, and why the biblical view matters to young people. The resource, as explained on our site, was written at the lower high school level but is suitable for adults as well as children. We urge our followers to spread the word about the biblical creation resource to mission-minded people, especially those concerned with younger generations, who are only taught an evolutionary story, which undermines the Gospel and deletes any notion of God, the Creator.

We continue to aim to make a difference by God’s grace. The second image displays the basic information necessary for anyone to be able to obtain the free cell phone application. They only need to look for the white hand emblem with the blue circle background. Please feel free to pass the information to friends. If a hard copy or electronic copy of the resource is desired, they are available at Amazon and other major retailers for a nominal price.

We are sometimes asked how we finance our work. Contributions help, and they are greatly appreciated. They have not been sufficient alone. In the last ten years we have personally spent in excess of 30K to construct resources and conduct mission work. We remain all-volunteer (no one has a salary). Our office is our home. Our personal laptops are our writing tools. We believe in what we are doing.

Roland Beard, Director

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