Evolution for 4th to 12th Graders?

I have reviewed many books for Grades 4-12 that can be found in the US or the Philippines. The introduction of evolution starts very early. In essence, children are taught that the world we see came from nothing on its own. Complexity happens by itself. The concepts show up in more than parts of science texts that espouse evolution. Ancient and world history include parallel assertions about where we came from and only defer to evolutionary concepts. It is no wonder that a popular question we hear is “Is is true we came from monkeys?”

So what do you do if you are teacher with these kinds of concepts embedded in your subject matter? What happens if you have questions from your youth group members about the subject? There are some helps from several ministries, but I also saw this very brief article on creation.com that covers some high points that might be helpful to school teachers: Help for teachers required to teach evolution – creation.com. They also have the printed pamphlet (Creation Survival Guide), which is a clear and short guide for students in high school or college level.

If you need more material to answer questions, why not download the “Creation Study” APP for your Android phone that we wrote and published for anyone who needs it. This resource is free. If you have internet connection, download the more elaborate version that has links to a summary video series (on the ‘CreationStudyHelps’ YouTube channel), extra materials/images with explanations,  and an online Bible to check all the verse references that are used in the basic study. Look for an hand emblem on the pages of the cwm4him.org site to direct you to the APP, or look for it with its name on the Google Play Store. The link to just the YouTube channel summary videos is CreationStudyHelps – YouTube. The description below the videos contains other helpful links.

The paper copy of the ‘Creation Study” can be ordered from Amazon or other retailers. Look for this title: “A Study of God’s Creation Filled with Purpose, Direction, and Consequence.” We have research notes in the book and APP that can be used on the creation.com search window. For any given note, there are many related articles  to read.

Teachers, lay leaders, ministry leaders, and parents: you are not without helps to learn the basic assumptions of evolution, the basic tenets of biblical creation, and recognize or explain the differences. Young people need to know the answers, especially since an evolutionary world view leads to some assertions and huge assumptions, that are usually unsupported. Most of them are spoken of as fact or lie next to factual material, so they often do not stand out and are received as confirmed fact by young people. That is far from the truth. There is good reason, science, and history that make much more sense in a biblical creation context. Get the resources and find out the answers and be better equipped to teach.

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