Creation Magazine Publishes Article on the Author of “A Study of God’s Creation”

The story of the article began several years ago when Roland was beginning to share biblical creation by observing the heavens with a home school support group. A few years later he was invited to speak at a conference in the Philippines, but declined to be the primary speaker, suggesting that Dr. Carl Wieland would be better and more appropriate. They became friends face-to-face at that conference. A short time later Roland had a draft of a biblical creation Bible study that a Philippine ministry was going to use as a basis for a high school-level subject. Carl offered to help its first draft review. Friends from the Philippines and others helped in that review that was published in 2013.

A few years later, after some extraordinary circumstances and a lot of work, a book, ebook were published, followed by a free APP that was designed to go anywhere in the world via cell phone, but the APP was especially targeted for the poor, closed nations, or where people simply did not have access to background material to biblical creation or were unfamiliar with the biblical world view. Carl and Margaret Wieland wanted to publish a story about the effort, which continues. Follow the link to the page on that has the story:

The CHRISTWORKS site ( has the free APP in the right hand column of most pages. The book/ebook can be ordered at popular retailers or get information at The COURSES drop down menu has information on the original Bible study as well as the book/ebook/APP.

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