Chalk Talk Videos on Biblical Creation — Grasses and Kinds

“Grasses” and “Kinds” — here are two new short chalk talk videos for children and adults about a biblical world view of these things, which is in direct contrast to an evolutionary or naturalistic world view. Find out why these things are so important in these short videos.

The next link takes you to the third video on “Grasses” in this eight-part series.

Chalk Talks on Biblical Creation: 3 — Grasses – YouTube

Grasses are so plain and simple. Are they? Not so in a biblical world view or in practical life. “Grasses” are a key to understanding a vital food source and they display a unique internal process that is both intricate and efficient. Neither grasses nor the process in them, called photosynthesis, have a natural origin. They were created.

The following link takes you to the fourth video on “Kinds”.

Chalk Talks on Biblical Creation: 4 — Kinds – YouTube

Why are there no verifiable missing links to humans? Why are there no predecessors to whales and dinosaurs? Because the Master Creator designed living things in “kinds”, which is a direction contradiction to the evolutionary picture, where everything stems from a very simple form of life.  Fossil evidence shows the same consistency of kinds. Really? Watch the short video.



Other parts of the series already published include Stars and Earth on the same CreationStudyHelps YouTube channel. Type the channel name into the search window on YouTube to see them all.

For a complete resource, download the free APP by typing “Creation Study” or “Creation Study Helps” in the search window for applications on Apple or Android cell phones. Look for the hand emblem….

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