Chalk Talk Video Series — Man’s Problem and the Solution

Why are we not getting better? Why is there so much evil? Is there a solution?

The last two videos of this chalk talk series have been published. Have questions about why humankind is a mess and continues its warring ways? The biblical world view has answers. The questions are not just adult questions. We hear them among elementary students. Why not take a look?  Here is the link to the seventh video: (10) Chalk Talks on Biblical Creation: 7 — Man’s Problem – YouTube

The eighth video talks about the solution to the problem, which began at shortly after the creation week. Those first chapters of Genesis, the first book of the Bible, are not a myth. But these critical chapters set the stage for the solution, which has been made manifest, as the last books of the Bible explain.

The eighth video also talks about the free cell phone APP that has extra resources and a series of lessons on the subject. The link to the 8th video follows: (10) Chalk Talks on Biblical Creation: 8 — The Solution and the App – YouTube

If you have not watched the initial series of videos, which covers major points that are in the book and cell phone APP resources, why not take a look? It might change your perspective. On YouTube, type CreationStudyHelps in the search window to get to the channel with all the videos. Look for our picture to recognize the channel. Here is the link: (10) creationstudyhelps – YouTube

The channel also includes an interview of the Beard’s by Liza Peltola, also known as Bible Mom on her channel for children.


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