Following God in Hard Reality

Familiar and pleasant circumstances have a mesmerizing effect. Most people like them. Sometimes abundance in things or time we can call our own extend the feeling of “everything is OK”. All this is like the story about a healthy young man, who comments to himself about how well he is… Continue reading

A Basic Guide to Prayer and Action in a Declining Country

A Basic Guide to Prayer and Action in a Declining Country. Public calls to pray seem to have lessened, but the need to pray and act are rising. Prayer, of course, if disconnected from appropriate action, is like walking with one leg. It can be done, but anyone who has… Continue reading

Wonderful Are His Works

Wonderful Are His Works. We are thankful for being able to see and record some of God’s wonderful works. While we have been without a telescope for 11 months, there have been opportunities to observe the moon, a comet, star patterns, and the brightest planets on repeated occasions with our… Continue reading