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In case you are wondering   There have been some issues with subscribing to posts, so we are switching to a new tool for subscriptions. If you have already subscribed to any of the blogs, you should still get notices via your email as before. However, there will not be… Continue reading

Questions Are Revealing

****An early August Report from Roland and Faylene Beard**** We are training teachers in a federation of Christian schools in the Philippines with the high school edition of the biblical creation curriculum. One month of training events for approximately 180 teachers from 50 Philippine Christian schools has been completed. The… Continue reading

What’s New at Christworks Ministries

RECENT UPDATES October 2022. The <DOWNLOAD COURSES> page has been updated to reflect the published and available cell phone applications for our biblical creation resource. Links are provided. Hard copy and ebook versions are also mentioned. The YouTube channel “CreationStudyHelps” now has two series of videos. The original set includes… Continue reading