Biblical Creation Free Cell Phone Application for Android: UPDATED

Free Android and Apple applications of our biblical creation resource have been available for several months, but the Android version has just been updated to include a full Spanish translation of the expanded book (60-lesson verion).

When the Android app is now downloaded (updated from the first version), both English and Spanish versions of the 60-lesson book are now resident. There have been other improvements. We recommend updating the Play Store and this application to take advantage of the improvements.

The Apple application that was recently published already has the full Spanish and English versions of the expanded 60-lesson resource.

For either Apple or Android versions, the app has the same identifiable hand emblem and is published by RJ Beard Publishers. It remains free, of course, to enhance its use among people groups that have limited resources about those critical first eleven chapters of Genesis and the findings of scientists and specialists that have a biblical world view of history (creation, fall of man, corruption, Genesis Flood, and Tower of Babel).

Key conclusions from the Flood model and its ramifications on climate, topography, the single Ice Age, and effects on man and animals (including ‘dinosaurs’) are in the apps.  Other hot topics include: man’s origins/purpose, the grand creation of complex information in living things, whether aliens exist, what happened to dinosaurs, some of the significant effects man’s broken relationship with God, and a biblical explanation of the history of earth. While a biblical view is explained, it is also compared to the naturalistic/evolutionary view. Key search words, which can be used on the large online data base, are in the text portion of the apps. Importance reference material is listed at the end of the app. An array of photographs and similar resources are included that can be freely used by students, teachers, and parents.


For those wanting the book or ebook of the basic resource in Spanish or English, it is available at a reasonable cost the Amazon and other popular retailers.

For supporting videos summarizing key parts of the resource, see the CreationStudyHelps channel on YouTube.


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