Back to the Field and an Update

Back to the Field and an Update.

When Faylene and I left our quarters in the Philippines at the Institute of Foundational Learning in late 2019, we knew by the Spirit of God that we would not be back for a while. We were not expecting a pandemic to erupt a few months later or an elongated effect on international travel. Even a month ago, with Philippine immigration still showing extra requirements, I almost threw in the towel for travel until late this year. But the Spirit of God asked me, “Would you go for just one?” There are many, so we booked in a couple of days. We should leave April 4 with paperwork in hand that is needed. Immigration restrictions mean the trip can only be 30 days or less, so we will be back in early May, but it is enough time to accomplish some critical things. If you pray for us, here are some prayer points:

  1. There are young ones at-risk that we love dearly. Several are making heart decisions or have had some difficulties or simply need to see us as much as we need to see them. We deliberately set time to do this because there are several that address us as Nanay and Tatay. Most of them do not have a mom and dad in their lives. To some extent, we have become that for them.
  2. Several staff who are close to us have yearned for our return, and we long to see them, as well. We want to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ. They have had a lot of change in their ministry and environments, and we want to encourage them to step forward with confidence.
  3. Several community members around IFL are close to us. We need to see them.
  4. I have at least one training session for about 100 pastors or leaders concerning biblical creation topics. There will likely be related events with individuals or smaller numbers during the latter part of our visit.
  5. We need to check a host of things at our quarters, be ready for longer stays, and sort/give away items that have been sent in advance. This trip, in this regard, is preparation for future trips.
  6. There may be changes in what we might be expected to do. We always aim to serve, but things have changed, which might change our assignments. So, we need wisdom to assess the situation properly and be responsive to needs.
  7. We have ongoing writing tasks to accomplish while in the Philippines, and we anticipate some additional writing requirements. I have more video work to do. Media development is always on the plate.

On the home front, our plans for a modest 3-bedroom/2 bath home in Bear Creek NC have been slow to develop, but we are at the place where work should begin on the foundation while we are gone. The foundation and layout incorporate our cabin that we had built in WV and moved to NC. We were prompted by God to get the home and property, and the need the home for what we are doing has become more and more apparent. Please pray that the project proceeds in a timely manner. It will be our writing station in the US, a place where we can receive missionary friends, an outreach location for observing the heavens, and several other things.

We will post an update from the Philippines, as is our practice, in addition to providing updates to our CHRISTWORKS board members and our local US church.

Thank you.

Roland and Faylene Beard

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  1. WOW….you two have full plates, but know that prayers are going up. God bless you all for the very powerful and wonderful work you are doing for the Lord,
    Be Safe and healthy in Jesus Name💕🙏


  2. Praying for a safe and fruitful journey. God bless you!

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