April 2021 Update on Video Channel and Available Versions of the Biblical Creation Resource

Video Channel.

There are now 12 videos on the CreationStudyHelps YouTube channel that includes a trailer for the APPs, an introduction video, and 10 more on the biblical creation resource. A short video is also posted to explain how to pass the free APP of the resource using BlueTooth. Here is the link for the channel: CreationStudyHelps – YouTube.

We have recently received Tagalog versions of the first videos on the channel. They will be posted within a couple weeks. As we get more of these, we will post them also.

What About Aliens?

We just posted a new video “What About Aliens?” Here is the link:  Nineth Video: What About Aliens? – YouTube. The subject is covered in the resource because questions about aliens are common. While there is an increasing belief that aliens exist, there is another explanation for the alleged contacts that some people have experienced. Watch the video if interested to get answers from both a biblical creation and evolutionary world view.

Video Series Approach.

Remember that the videos are a very short summary (each one is about 10 minutes) of significant topics in the resource, “A Study of God’s Creation Filled with Purpose, Direction, and Consequence”. They are not intended to be a systematic treatment of a subject. We always encourage people to get the full resource and use it to investigate the Bible’s treatment of creation.

Versions of the Resource that are Available.

There are now two APPs for Android phones that have the full resource. Both are available on Google Play Store. Both are free.

Creation Study APP. This APP, which has the full resource, is sized for phones with limited memory.

— The Creation Study Helps APP has the resource in English but also includes links to most of the videos on YouTube, images that we use when training or teaching the material, a Spanish version of the resource, links to the Parables of the Sky/Parables of the Earth blogs from the cwm4him.org website, and the World English Bible. This APP is larger and one must have an internet connection to take full advantage of all the features.

—hard copy Book, ebook, and iBook versions of the resource are available. See rjbeardpublishing.com for information. They are for purchase.

BETA Version of Future Downloadable APP from Our Site.

Notice on the front page of the https://www.cwm4him.org site: there is a new drop down menu item called CREATION STUDY HELPS APP. It gives the reader a good review of what is in the full APP “Creation Study Helps” on a computer. It is hoped we will be able to make this downloadable in the future for a variety of platforms. For now, it is a good demonstration that resides on this site.

Thanks for reading.

Roland and Faylene

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