A New Video on Observing from a Biblical View

How do you observe the world around you and why? It is the topic of the seventh video on our CreationStudyHelps YouTube Channel.

We often ask young people with a very straight face, “Do you ever look at girls or boys who you like?” The faces tell you instantly that they watch each other carefully. A young couple we had in one of our classes received that same question and immediately smiled. They have become our good friends.

Observing nearly anything, however, is a skill that is taken for granted. We observe all the time, but all of us have an underlying set of assumptions that involves our world view. Almost every educational institution teaches that we came from stars through a long series of accidents. In this view, we are nothing special, and our distant cousins are apes. So why observe at all? Why care? The biblical view is quite different. It not only says we are created but we have purpose. Being related to the Creator is an important part of observing.

The video summarizes Unit 3 of our resource (“A Study of God’s Creation Filled with Purpose, Direction, and Consequence”). In about 10 minutes we want to engage adults and students about why a biblical world view is an important ingredient to how we understand, observe, and live in the world around us.

The link to the video: Seventh Video: Why Observe and Study the World Around Us – YouTube

There is another new video on the channel for those who have gotten one of the free APPs of the resource. The video has a short written tutorial about how to pass the APP from one Android phone to another.

Roland and Faylene

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