2020-2021 In Review and the Look Ahead

The link to the report that summarizes 2020-2021 and takes a brief look ahead to 2022 is at the end of this page.

The report is both a ministry report and a personal report from the Roland and Faylene Beard. The ministry consists of a board of directors, one of whom is the founder, Roland Beard. This volunteer organization is a home- and Virginia-based Christian organization that consists of a board of directors and a few volunteers. Roland and Faylene are the primary missionaries and the volunteers and other board members assist in stateside functions. As other pages of this site discuss, our primary overseas project is in the Philippines and our most significant educational resources are biblical creation products that the Beards have been making available. The following report summarizes the last two years during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To review the corresponding financial report for the ministry’s last fiscal year, go to RECORDS under the drop-down menu title of ABOUT US. If you have any questions, please contact us.

2021 Year End Report PDF

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