What A System!

The warm damp air and cloudy days had persisted for days. The night was different because stars could actually be seen, but there was so little time we only gazed at a few and retired. It was murky a week later but cleared enough for us to see Jupiter about ten degrees from a late crescent moon. Getting observing evenings in the Philippines during the “wet season” is always a challenge, so when you see a window to look, you take it.

My wife got excited as we set up a half-working 8 inch Celestron telescope to catch Jupiter and run to the moon. My Bride is a budding observer but too shy to show her sketches. My quick ones are below that I managed during the 45 minutes as we traded looks through the optics.

Day 4 of creation is one thing to read in Genesis but it is entirely another to observe in person. God is plain about what we can see: He did it. Moon origins theories change every ten years but God’s explanation on that fourth day of creation remain unchanged. The theories fall under the same category: it all happened by itself with no God, no direction, and the “chance” principle of operation. That is what all the secular school books around the world teach: a planetary body (or any one of them) show up all by themselves. It is so unlikely and never been observed, so the chance is small. The solution is simple: make the timeline really long (billions of years). Of course, one has to ignore that the moon is going outward a few centimeters a year, it is geologically active, and it just happens to have really ideal characteristics. Long ages are incongruent with any of those facts, but just put the facts aside and believe: it happened.

Jupiter’s story in most books is about the same but even more unlikely. Again, believe it happened, put it in the books, and march on. The moons look different in radical ways; the gaseous planet with solid moons makes no sense; and other characteristics don’t make sense relative to the theories used to predict the solar system. It’s OK. No one was there. Delete a Creator, believe it happened by itself, and march on.

If you teach these things long enough, then it seems few people test the assumptions and add the new evidence (from the last 50 years). That is why we teach biblical creation, wrote a curriculum based on a God-included Manual (the Bible), and include neat facts that are regularly talked about and analyzed by bible-based believing scientists and specialists. Want to check what they say, too? Take a look at these media items (a search will find any of them):

Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels, DVD or book, Batten, et al; Taking Back Astronomy, book, Jason Lisle; Our Created Solar System, Spike Psarris (DVD).

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