Water, Water, Was Everywhere

Sedimentary Surprise. The surprising thing is not where one finds sedimentary rock, but the fact that it is hard not to find it! It’s nearly everywhere, and it’s thick. I am currently in Western Missouri, where it is underlying nearly all the farm fields. It is on Mount Everest. It is along coastlands. It is at the poles. By definition, it is rock formed and/or established by water movement. What water movement? The Genesis Flood is the answer. It was a worldwide event.

Fossils Galore. In the rock in many places are millions of fossilized sea-things…from microscopic sized things to closed clamshells frozen in time to creatures of the deep. There are even fish eating fish and fish giving birth. What is the obvious cause? A world wide catastrophic flood with waters filled with sediments and silicates that were laid rapidly in a world being violently inundated. That is why I can find this little fossil on the Virginia shores of the Potomac. It gets more astounding as specialists (not even Bible believers) have found fossilized jellyfish. Do you understand the softness of jellyfish tissue? Look it up on the internet with a search and find pictures! What does it take to fossilize a jellyfish or freeze the birth of a fish? The Genesis Flood is the answer.

Forests of Another Kind. Then we have huge fossilized logs in many places. Many of them can be found in the Petrified National Park in the USA. The picture is from the same region. What happened? The same Flood with rapid burial, a chemical reaction like fast setting concrete, a period of high water, and finally receding waters that “unearthed” the results about a year later. The Genesis Flood and it’s aftermath are the answers to the mysterious fossilized forests.

Coal’s Record. We have coal seams around the world. They are full of evidence of plants and heavy foliage. Ask a coal expert what is found in that coal, which includes plants and logs that are often discernible. What is the cause? The Flood. Where did the heavy foliage come from? The rich abundance of foliage before the Flood that got rapidly buried and compressed.

Thousands not Billions. It is not billions of years of slow change to make an earth. It was a created event followed by a few days of creation, including the first two people. Then some bad human decisions, a resulting curse, and a quick a deterioration of the human moral condition took place. A few generations later was an orchestrated catastrophe as defined in Genesis: a worldwide flood (The Genesis Flood) with a few survivors on an ark and representative kinds of living things. It is not a myth. It is history as provided by the Author, who is often ignored or disdained. He did not provide the information for no reason. He writes to tell us what happened. To dismiss His historical record is to dismiss Him. Why not consider the plain written truth of Genesis? The generations are listed as they appeared in several locations in the Bible. The creation sequence is in the first chapter. The “Eden” view is provided in the second. The following few chapters lead to the incident at the Tower of Babel.

The Record. If you don’t know what it says in the Genesis, the first book of the Bible, why not take one hour and read the first eleven chapters? It takes no longer than a day’s worth of texting chatter about things that probably don’t present much critical information. On the other hand, the biblical record provides a succinct record of “first” things. It is the context for the remainder of the Bible. The Genesis Flood, in particular, shaped so much of what we see today. It makes sedimentary rock and fossils take on a new meaning.

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