Walk with Him through What?


Most people remember certain events by the scenes they recall from the same time. I can tell you, for instance, where we were and what was around us when I asked Linda to marry me. We have also encountered some events that were hard to walk through. However, some of our testimony was strengthened through difficulty.

These sketches were done from memory on the evening of the same before-dawn morning in which they occurred (November 3, 2009 Central Time). We were traveling in a car on interstate highways in the Dallas-Ft Worth area in order to make a hospital appointment. I recalled the rush of traffic in early morning rush hour but the peaceful scene of the setting moon among all the ciy lights. I still remember the scene, but my heart was in prayer on another matter.

My wife was having a biopsy of a tumor. The event marked the beginning of a series of events that take months and we are still experiencing. This is the fourth time she has had cancer. If you wish you can follow some of the events from Linda’s perspective in Linda’s Spot but right now remember this: He is acquainted with our frame, our circumstances, our weaknesses, and our strengths. You see: we (you) can walk with Him through hard times if we (you) know Him. You can even serve Him during those times, which we continue to do. While the sketches remind me of that morning, they also remind me (and possibly you) that He is with us…always.

Matthew 28:20  “…I am with you always…”

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