The Wonder of a Lunar Crater: Clavius

Are you beaten to death with media and feel like your phone has become an appendage that seems to get more attention than your closest friends? Take some time to observe something beautiful and appreciate the Creator of it all. The attached sketch was developed using a modest 8 inch telescope with an astro video camera, whose output went to a high resolution monitor nearby. The greatest value, however, is taking the time to observe, to settle one’s heart, and to ponder about the wonder of it all. If your harried and distraught on the inside, there is an alternative. Go to our site ( and then to the Inspiration Page (top left story on Clavius). A link will take you to the sketch and story together. Here is the sketch….


The Wonder of Clavius

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  1. Hello Roland~~This is Yaoyu. I have found your blog~~Thanks a lot~

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