The Periodic Sun and Moon–Reminders of His Work

20111110-sunset3The incredible commonality of day and night or moon and sun are girded with the Master’s creative hand. They repeat like clockwork, providing a daily decision to each human being: will each one regard the Master’s hand or deny it. While many writers wax poetic words about these things, do many truly regard these features as the touch of God or his mercy and love as they have continued since creation?

Psalm 104 provides a poetic presentation of many aspects of creation as they are affected by the sun and moon. The psalm is one of many referrals to the mighty hand of God as recorded in Genesis 1, where he ensured what he did was recorded. It is the key-note chapter where the beginning is described, where Fall-lake-and-cyprusthe world is created from his command, which includes the laws of the universe. Some of the verses specifically note the sun, the moon, and their periodic motion. Prophets repeat the theme in several locations in the Old Testament. Several New Testament books repeat the same thing, like the verses at the beginning of John and Hebrews.

The picture above is a simple winter sunrise in Northern latitudes a few years ago. The picture to the right shows the early autumn mist on a small lake in the US about two years ago. I watched a sunset today that was similar to many others I have seen. I believe they are meant to be reminders of our God, our need for his continued mercy, and his desire to draw us to himself. But what if you and your children are taught they have nothing to do with God? Instead, they are taught year after year, class after class, and institution after institution that the simple happenings of sunrise and sunset are the results of billions of years of stellar accidents and chance occurrences–having nothing to do any deity, especially the God of the Bible. After a couple of decades of textbooks and learning, what mindset is established in the typical person? And, what if those textbooks and typical institutions are flagrantly wrong? They are, but who will tell them any different? Will you? What do you believe?


Something as simple as the moon shrouded in clouds is a reminder of the moon’s size relative to earth, its close proximity to earth, and its effects on the waters of the earth. Who did it? Is it really just an accident as taught in the vast majority of institutions?

Many believers, including many scientists, will shout that it is God’s hand. That is what Psalm 104 is about. Read it. Read Genesis 1 or many of the other scriptures about the universe we live in. God is either an utter liar or a figment of someone’s imagination, or he is completely accurate in his references to what he did at creation and what follows. This sets up a grand battle that is not a new one about who we are and Who he is. If it bothers the reader that man is popularly seen as the product of chance and accident — an evolution without moral beginning and direction and purpose — it should. It is not true. But that uncomfortable conclusion should lead to action to find out what is happening and why. I am here to testify that the average person is falsely taught that mankind is an accident of chance and the start and sustainment of the universe is devoid of God.

So every morning we see the sunrise and a sunset, assuming we live through the day. The moon continues its precise phases as well. The grand and created arrangement is that prick in the side of a man that says, “this is not an accident.” It is God. Further, God wants you to know him–the very Creator of the human race. Your mind may scream at you and say “how can this be?” In view of the terrible things you know have happened, how can this be? But you must remember, he made each person so perfect that they can choose to reject him, and they have done it for centuries. Through those same centuries, however, each one can choose to believe him, reach out to him, and he is faithful to reveal himself. Then you will begin to understand how messed up we are, how much we sin, and how much that sin has affected the world we live in. Yet, he mercifully gives reminders day after day that he is the Creator and he beckons to us. That is the blessing of sunrises, sunsets, moon appearances, and many other things like that. They remind us to draw close, to turn from our way to his.

If you want more detail about biblical creation as well as how it contrasts with popular themes of evolution, you can freely download the creation study from this site. It is designed for someone with no biblical background. You only need a Bible along with the study. Access to the web is helpful since the study has a wealth of extra search terms that can be used at the site. Regardless of what you presently believe, why not find out about this grand battle and why it is important? On the way, important questions regarding many aspects of the earth and its history will be addressed. You do not have to leave your mind “at the door.” There is good explanation for many things we see in view of the biblical view. Answers to questions about earth’s topography today, the ice age, beasts of the past, and where we are headed are addressed at a level for parents or children. It can change the way you see things.

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