The Milky Way and Starry Foolishness

I slipped out of bed to look out the window on a November night. The stars were bright and steady. As I gently spoke of their beauty to my sleeping Bride, she stirred then rose quickly to take a look for herself. With bed robes and jackets on top to keep us warm in the frosty air, we ventured outside. The clarity was unusual. At 3:30 am the Milky Way sliced from North to South. We gazed from below Cassiopeia to the North to below Orion to the South. Just a few days later the Bride woke me to see a similar scene around midnight, when Orion was near its highest point. With robes and jackets donned again, we went out to see the night sky. The wonder of His heavens, when you can see under good dark conditions, are a bold declaration of His power and majesty.

On the other hand, there is a dominant view with institutional arrogance that says it all happened by itself. That position, touted for years, is locked as fact in books for the young. It is a cosmological story. Not only is the hand of God denied, it is forbidden.

So, where are the equations that put one star together by itself? Where are the ordinances that turn stars into star cities or galaxies? Where is real evidence of one stellar gas cloud somehow emerging as a huge star full of concentrated energy? These things form a network of cosmological stories that have layers of stories but no scientific proof and unknown self-generating processes that are not possible to describe, even in the most advanced institutions. There are no known sets of equations or observable processes to make the universe come about by itself. The only factor introduced to make it seem plausible is time — lots of time, billions of years of time — as if chance occurrence on a stellar scale will make it more believable if it is said often enough.

I have challenged my audiences. “What are the assumptions to the stories? What started the big bang? Who lit the match? How does organization of energy occur by itself?” There is an explanation, and the very Maker of heaven and earth recorded His actions in Genesis. However, the book is more often maligned or ignored. Instead, favor is only given to the naturalistic view, where chance occurrence over billions of years somehow comes about with no direction through unknown processes. Is that true?

We often suggest (and suggest to the reader): look at the assumptions in the assertions that the universe self-generated! Test them! Ask the same questions we ask of others! One of our joys is to talk to teachers and students, who are usually only given one idea — that everything comes about by itself. We draw attention to a different and powerful world view — a biblical one. In this view, the Bible says that the Creator boldly says He did it by his command (Genesis 1) and tells of His purpose (Psalm 19).

The author teaches Genesis fundamentals and has written a curriculum now being used in a Philippine federation of Christian schools. He observes and sketches the heavens when there is time. The images are of old sketches from live observing periods.

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