The Little Boy on the Left

2013-ifl-little-visitors_ezrHave you ever had a conversation with someone as both of you noticed another person or child, where something did not seem right? So under our breath (or quietly) we say, “Did you see that??” We often teach children not to point out differences, because when they are young they can suddenly blurt out obvious things in an embarrassing way to adults.

In this case, however, I want you to see something different. The little boy on the left has a mouth that is crooked and a hand that does not seem right. You are right. When I first met the little boy on our 2nd trip to the Philippines he was a different boy. His face was sullen; he never smiled; he stayed away from people; he did not play. And, he was a mess physically–more than the two details I mentioned that can be seen in the picture. He was brought to the Institute for Foundational Learning for love and help. He got both.

The picture was taken on our 4th trip. He plays with these boys; he runs fast; he laughs; he is around people all the time; he has someone who loves him dearly and is raising him. He has a few physical handicaps, but he is a different boy.

This is the result of the love of God in people that was directed toward this little boy. Now he is not just “the little boy on the left”; he is a changed boy because of God’s intervention through people. This place does this quite a bit, and is one of the reasons we keep going back. We try to encourage the teachers and the parents because that is the best way to help right now.

The little boy may or may not become a Christian. We don’t know. But he will know in time, added to what he has seen so far, that because people love God they also loved him–without condition.

Do you know a “little boy on the left”?  Do likewise.


To see details of the latest trip to the Philippines, follow this link.


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