The Lessons of Mothers and Fathers in the Faith

agnesforWEBOne of our tasks in our young years as Christians was to provide transportation for an older missionary lady as she left or returned from overseas flights. She never went for pleasure, except to please the Lord, and she visited places where people needed help. During the period we got to know her as a close friend. We saw how she lived, how she loved people, and how she loved us. Few people ever heard of her; she did not advertise her mission; she never asked for money. Because of the love of Jesus Christ in her, she endured discomfort and occasional persecution in order to accomplish her tasks.

One of her traveling companions snapped the picture in between her speaking and praying with people when she was in a poor area of one of the many countries she visited. On this particular day she was very tired and needed rest. The benches were all that were available and all the people had, but it was enough for her to get a small nap before helping more people that were in need.

She was shown the picture years later. She was not fond of it. For those younger believers that saw her life and love for God, however, it said it all. Now that we are older, we still keep the picture as a reminder of how God wants to make us content to serve Him wherever He takes us. He loves us so much that a little discomfort, weariness, and expense are small prices to pay to walk where He goes.

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