Tale of Two Continents — from Observing M51

It is a most unlikely story when observing a beautiful object leads to a story of two men on two continents who have never met. But that is exactly what this post introduces. The whole affair started simply enough: observe M51, which is a beautiful spiral galaxy in the Northern skies but pretty high this time of year in Virginia. What makes the object so remarkable, however, is its apparent placement next to another galaxy. They contrast in shape, color, and structure. The sketch came from a 45-50 minute study period as my astro-video camera (in place of an eyepiece on my 12.5 inch Dobsonian telescope) delivered a video picture to a little color monitor. I vigorously studied and sketched since the night was nice, clear, and calm. I hope you enjoy the sketch, but I hope you go to the whole story on the right column and top of the Inspiration Page on this site: www.christworksministries.org. The title is the “Tale of Two Continents” and the [Whole Story] link takes you to the full text, pictures, and the sketch as well.

Here is the sketch alone:


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