Fall Delights in the Heavens by the Eyes Alone

One of the things Linda and I share with teachers is the magnificent capability of observing the heavens with the eyes alone. We speak of some of God’s meticulous creative ability as we explain how we see scenes with such speed and varying fields of view–able to capture and remember things better… Continue reading

Tasting the Unsearchable

Seeing the night skies for many people is like a taste of the unsearchable. Perhaps scenes on the earth are too common, so the same reaction does not bubble up so quickly. There is nothing like a beautiful night sky scene, even if it is as simple as a moonrise in clouds,… Continue reading

The Dumbing Down of Observing

It is a simple sketch from a quiet evening around sunset during summer. Why don’t we see these scenes? The moon has a regular cycle in the sky. Why don’t we see it? The scriptures actually speak of the process of growing insensitive or oblivious to people and things. There… Continue reading