Tale of Two Continents — from Observing M51

It is a most unlikely story when observing a beautiful object leads to a story of two men on two continents who have never met. But that is exactly what this post introduces. The whole affair started simply enough: observe M51, which is a beautiful spiral galaxy in the Northern… Continue reading

The Wonder of the Southern Skies

When I observe in a southern location it is a treat for me because the southern celestial sphere is not always available to me as far south as I would like from my home state (Virginia). The sketch below shows two objects I intended to observe and sketch at the… Continue reading

Lunar Walls and Walls of the Heart

Most of the time I notice craters and the boundaries of “seas” on the moon. Two observing nights in middle April were entirely different. I noticed severe separations on the lunar surface. Sometimes they are called walls; sometimes they are sharp valleys. They are evidence of something catastropic and they… Continue reading

High in the Sky; Constant and Clear: the Beehive Cluster

Whether north or south of the equator, most people can see the Beehive Cluster shortly after sunset and high in the sky. Whether it is a poor poverty stricken neighborhood or a rich suburb of a modern city, it is the same. Whether the observer is  a doctor or a… Continue reading