Two Days in July–from Binocular to Telescope

It is not just the act of a single observation of the heavens that is significant. When an observer begins to step back and consider what has been seen and recorded, a period of observation begins to take on a larger view. As we teach teachers how to observe the… Continue reading

The Edge-on Galaxy: a Dramatic Invitation

The manifold glory of God’s created heavens are a drawing card and invitation with any instrument or pair of eyes, but one can go much further–delving into the inviting details of particular objects. So many are so unique and singular. Edge-on galaxies are often like that for me when I… Continue reading

“Black Eye” Galaxy and the Fear of the Lord

We think of fear as fright or terror. It is usually an unwelcome thing unless it is part of a story that is separated from us. The fear of the Lord is different–deeper in meaning and wider in application. It is closer to super-respect. It is a healthy but profound… Continue reading