High in the Sky; Constant and Clear: the Beehive Cluster

Whether north or south of the equator, most people can see the Beehive Cluster shortly after sunset and high in the sky. Whether it is a poor poverty stricken neighborhood or a rich suburb of a modern city, it is the same. Whether the observer is  a doctor or a… Continue reading

M43–Hidden But Found

Some of most serious plights of man come from a loss or lack of identity. The Biblical perspective of a human being is unique: we were meant to be related to the Most High God, who created us, knew our unformed body before our time, and made a way for… Continue reading

Last of Year; Last of a Star; What does it mean?

The end of a year is a noteworthy time because it generally causes people to take a look back as well as forward. How one looks both ways, however, makes a big difference in the conclusions a person will reach. And, the world view of a person is the largest… Continue reading