Struggling To Get Peace Within

I have had observers of the night skies tell me that they get some measure of peace by looking at the stars. A few even say it is almost a religious experience. Of course, others seek that kind of peace other ways through pleasure and success. Still others hunt for it by trying for attain it with self effort. History tells you, however, that it does not last. All these things–even observing the skies–are attempts to get peace by doing something.

Let me introduce you to another way: know the Author of the heavens and the earth, because He puts peace within. When I go outside and observe something like the magnificent galaxy below and study its details that I can see with my equipment, it only affirms the peace that already resides within me because of my relationship with Jesus Christ. I did not earn it. I could not attain it on my own. But He made it possible for me to know it by putting that peace within, because He is that peace.
So if you lack the inner peace and want to know Him and be his disciple, let me know. I would be glad to introduce you to Him. Or, if you just want to talk about it, I would be glad to.

I was not born in a barn. I may be older, but I lived in a commune when I was young, saw relationships (that I never should have been in) self destruct, and struggled with the mess that I saw in the world. I studied religions, philosophies, and the sciences. None had answers. But He does, and following Him brought me life as well as His love and peace. It is over 40 years later. I have no regrets. He is real, and following Him is worth every penny and minute.


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