Starting on the Run: Children, Biblical Creation Curriculum, and Training (July 2019)

Fruit is already showing from this mission trip, and there is a busy time ahead. While it takes a few days to get over switching sides of the globe, we set up our Philippine quarters quickly. Greetings from staff and children at the Institute of Foundational Learning started immediately. It is wonderful to be with those we have grown to love. Work on training venues was completed at the same time. One week after our arrival we were the trainers for the biblical creation curriculum at the first of many Christian schools and regions we will visit in the next four months.

The image at the end of the report shows the first training class at MGC New Life, Manila that included their teachers and another group of young people from Los Banos, Laguna. All of them completed the five-day training on July 12. Several attendees testified of the impact. One teacher, whose story is below, is a good example of what happens when believers are emboldened by the truth and ramifications of biblical creation. In a short meeting with the IFL Director (Rev Pat Capwell) after the training, we discussed the impact at MGC New Life, which is likely to occur at upcoming training sessions. So, we are gearing for the next sets of training for both teachers and pastors that will occur in more than six locations around the Philippines. We have about two weeks to convert 20 hours of training, which MGC New Life requested, into less than six hours since the other regions and schools only have time for one full day of training.

The first printing of the 218-page curriculum is ready for distribution to other IFL schools, and a few schools have already started the course in high school classrooms. (For Philippine schools: copies can be obtained at the training events or by ordering from the Institute of Foundational Learning.) Accompanying references, printed with permission from Creation Ministries International, are part of the curriculum package. We encourage the use of the web site for more reading, along with other organization sites that support a biblical creation world view.

Pastors have indicated interest for training, so training is now being planned for several Philippine locations. This will give them an opportunity to review the basics of biblical creation and teach its lessons to their churches. Many pastors have church schools, so the influence of church training is expected to affect their children, too, who will eventually have the curriculum. Biblical creation fundamentals have much influence on history and social studies issues that are pertinent to both church life and outreach – areas of pastoral concern.

We present a biblical world view in training sessions, which include summaries of findings or estimates by bible-believing creation scientists and specialists, who wholeheartedly support a biblical basis of understanding the world around us. When training is presented, we also show an array of marine fossils and pictures of evidence of the Genesis Flood catastrophe. The fossil and geological record clearly show a world wide catastrophe, including rapid burial and fossilization, consistent with the effects of the worldwide flood that is recorded in Genesis.

We let trainees take a good hard look at the differences between a biblical world view and a naturalistic/evolutionary world view. We cover the ramifications of a biblical world view, encourage observation, and underscore the value of empirical science but show its differences with the “science” of origins. We heartily encourage and cover the use of the Bible as a foundation for understanding human history and behavior.

We have a lot to do in the remaining months of our trip, and these first two weeks are a good indicator that it will be busy. We will post periodic reports. If you have questions, use the “Contact Us” page.

Roland and Faylene Beard


From an MGC New Life teacher (with minor grammatical changes and names omitted):

“Thank you for imparting your knowledge and passion to us. The seminar helped me a lot in defending the Creation Theory and apply the Biblical worldview. Every day you made me teary-eyed as I am being reminded how magnificent and good God is, and the God who created the heavens and the earth chooses to love me. I cannot do anything but give Him my life. 

Last night while my churchmate and I were eating at McDonald’s, we happened to sit beside a group of high school students (Grades 8 to 11). Compelled by love, the Lord gave me the courage to share what I learned from you and from the Scriptures. And without thinking twice, I gave the book when they asked for it. And I pray it will reach the public school.”

Attendees at Biblical Creation Curriculum Training Conference, MGC New Life, Manila, Philippines

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  1. Exciting to see this all happening. God has prepared you both in a unique way to fulfill this mission together. In his time, in his way, as you submit to him and then get out of the way, Only God knows all the plans he has for the future. Your faithfulness to Him is all he asks. How exciting to be a part of his plan.

    • Paul, thank you so much for your encouragement. We have done a month of training at this point (over 150 people from 50 schools or so). It is work in one sense, but we train where we are requested to go. So far, it has proven fruitful. We have three months to go on this particular trip, and a lot more training to conduct on the biblical creation curriculum. Roland and Faylene

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