Simple Gentleness

The husband and wife were sitting and talking together in the shade of a line of trees. Their children and a few other little ones were running in the little field in front of them. There were smiles and laughter as their play continued. I joined the parents to talk.

I had noticed their little girl on quite a few occasions. She was a bit shy but smiled easily. Other children played with her and kept her safe when children’s games were played. A few days later I got a little picture of her grinning while eating her frozen snack. It was a picture of gentleness, and she reflected the same gentleness that the parents had for her, but also for me as they inquired of my well being. They went so far as to ask me if they might keep me in prayer on an important issue. I had seen their gentleness reflected in their child, so I was more than willing for them to remember me before the Father.

The Creator is powerful and His judgments always correct. Matthew records his denouncements of stiff hearted and unrepentant cities where He had done mighty works. But what followed was shocking as He referred to the love of God that reaches the heavy laden and gives them rest. In that brief quote is this statement: “Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly of heart.”

In a hardened and broken world His call has remained the same. And, I can attest that He gives rest and I find Him gentle as I have taken His yoke upon me. This child and their parents illustrated that gentleness to me. If you do not know that kind of love, would you dare to choose to believe in Christ who made the statements? Would you be willing to take His yoke upon you? That is how to discover the simple gentleness of God.

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  1. I have wonder where did the innocence of children go.
    I am looking forward when children can play safely in the streets again in HIS coming kingdom.

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