Sense of Time in a Culture of Delusion

Came from nothing. Yes, we did.

From explosion to soup to living goo …

… to you.

Billions and billions of years it took:

one little piece at a time.

It could be a child’s tune or a chant. 2017-stump-timeIn reality it is the dominant mantra of the day, and the enemy of our souls laughs at its success. But the foundation of it is soft. Origins is not science but a belief system. God-fearing and believing scientists and specialists, like others, love operational measurable science. So do I. But the culture of delusion dares to suggest (and shouts) that God has nothing to do with creation or history. Nothing is further from the Biblical truth.

What is your sense of time? The stump in the image reminds me of time’s passage….one year at a time. But the Grand Creator has written a sure history of time since creation in Genesis to clearly communicate what happened and where we are in the midst of it. It is not a pretty picture. We are found wanting.

The evidence of the world wide flood is growing. Like the little clam fossil I found in Texas that you can see in the image, fossils showing rapid burial are common. There are dinosaur eggs, fish eating fish, jellyfish, and rain drops…all frozen in time at the Great Flood. 2017-clam-floodWhy the flood? Evil…and God said, “that’s enough.” Man’s history in Genesis shows the depth of violence that developed over the first part of history after creation.  When God put an end to that violence, He did it with the Flood. The waters covered everything. No living thing survived from the face of the earth, unless it was in the ark. The receding waters months later ripped canyons and reshaped new continents. Fossils and strata rapidly laid and set were ripped open again so years later we can still see remnants in places where huge forests, groups of whales, and fossil graveyards are in evidence. Then, most recently, we are finding soft tissue in dinosaurs. Genetic data has been recovered, and could not be recovered from an old deep-time earth. The list of evidences of catastrophe just a few thousand years ago is growing.

A similar body of evidence is developing in the solar system, where things that should be dead in geology terms are not. Comets are extra-ordinarily young. The moon’s orbital changes cannot sustain the notion of billions of years of a slow annual change. The list could go on and on. The heavens declare the glory of God–not the slow undirected chance occurrence of a universe that self develops and arranges itself.

So it is true! He created. It was good. Sin brought death and judgment. He uses plain language to explain what happened and the Bible has genealogies listed. Man’s record of not getting better is in plain sight. Man needs a Savior, who was also the master of creation (Hebrews 1). Christ, the Author of creation, is that Way of salvation. No wonder the mantra of a self-generating universe is pounded into children and without any reference to another belief system. Then we are not responsible for our actions. But, it is not true. We are responsible. So if you are an adult and have never considered these things, take a second look.

Believers, stand up. Hold to the truths of the Bible, including the context of creation. It is not a myth. Learn good science and engineering, but interpret the large picture from the truth of the Word. The evidence to support it is large and getting larger if you have eyes to see. This earth and universe are old, but the numbers are in thousands–not billions. And, our history and miserable behavior is documented. But, there is hope…in the very One who created us and put His imprint on our being.


Want to read more? Download the Creation study on this site. Go to and read hundreds of articles. Subscribe to a magazine called “Creation” or a brochure like “Acts and Facts.” And, re-read Genesis and related verses in the Bible with a different pair of glasses.

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  1. As always. It’s good, Roland.

  2. Truth is always true, no matter how much the PTB try to squelch it. God bless you for your publishing truth in the midst of delusion…those who deliberately close their eyes lest they have to change their lives.

  3. Thanks for thinking and posting about important truths on foundational issues, they are like the rudder of a ship-our ship headed to eternity. This is so good Roland!

  4. It so very true Roland. Man is trying to make GOD a liar and think he can go about spreading lies through the educational system of our nation which has been going on for many generations
    It reminds me of Romans 1: 18-23.

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