Poor and Don’t Have a Telescope or Binocular?

We often teach observing disciplines from a biblical perspective in places where there is no chance that the average student or teacher will ever see a telescope. What happens to the have-nots? Just taking a plastic child’s telescope to a village school in Uganda caused a teacher to shout, because he had only seen pictures of one…never a “real” one. Places we take a little refracting telescope have never seen the likes of such a device.

But God’s creation can be observed with what He gave us: eyes, a mind, and hands. If you add a piece of paper and a pencil, a child can learn to observe. Even these simple things are not necessarily easy to get in some outlying places or where poverty, disease, or war are dominant. But He made us able to observe. Observing His creation can be done by anyone anywhere. They only need someone to teach them the disciplines of observing.

Here is an example. It was a snowy night that had just given way to broken clouds. It was winter. The tree, with backlight from a nearby house, had snow on each branch. Above the tree I could see the Orion constellation, which is mentioned in the Scriptures. Even God thinks the constellation is noteworthy.


It is so hard to find people willing to go to the have-nots and teach simple disciplines of observing. It is even harder to find those willing to teach those things from a Biblical perspective….demonstrating the mighty hand of our God in the things he has made. Why not try? Why not dare to believe that you can influence a teacher and a younger generation by teaching observing disciplines from a Biblical perspective? As the young ones observe, they can hear you talk of the mighty hand of God to create the universe as well as the particular object being studied at the time.

At the same time a person does this, they speak without speaking that the universe did not happen on its own. It is not a directionless result of random occurrences over billions of years. God did it, and He did it not so long ago. Further, He means for it to be observed carefully and thought about.

And, you don’t need a telescope or binocular to do it!


(See the Philipine reports under Records on the drop down menu of the home page of www.christworksministries.org to see some examples of what we do, or the Archive to this blog, where we speak of work in the Philippines as we train and teach teachers or students to observe the created heavens.)

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