Last of Year; Last of a Star; What does it mean?

The end of a year is a noteworthy time because it generally causes people to take a look back as well as forward. How one looks both ways, however, makes a big difference in the conclusions a person will reach. And, the world view of a person is the largest filter on events: making them appear good, bad, or unremarkable. Consider the story of a super nova like the Crab Nebula. It is beautful, but it marks the death of a star. In a biblical framework, it underlines the temporary nature of the created universe, and is a reminder of the temporary nature of a human life.  For unbelievers, consider something radical: God might have some very definite statements about our temporary nature, and what we can do when we sense that desire for immortality but never seem to be able to grab it. You cannot. It takes something that most people are not willing to give up: their own way. But God dutifully reminds us of the choices that can be made by showing us how temporary some things are–even the stars. So here is the sketch of the Crab Nebula. The complete story is on the Inspiration Page of our ministry site. If you are hungry for immortality and tired of the meaningless pursuits if a life without knowing God in a real way, consider reading it. m1-crab-nebula

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