Kinds from the Beginning — Not SSMM

Kinds from the Beginning — Not SSMM.

A little girl and boy go to class. Around the fifth grade they begin to be introduced to old or ancient history as well as some sort of introductory science. The vast majority of secular books from this grade level and up say that history began billions of years ago with some version of the Big Bang. In plain language, and as paraphrased in quite a few books as well as media, children eventually come to understand that they came from star dust, life eventually appeared on earth, and sea things emerge. Sea things eventually turn into more complex life, which eventually leads to monkeys or apes, who are our alleged predecessors. Some time after that, man emerges. Children hear this over and over and over. Even if you are an old person, that is what you were taught in secular books, too, except it began at a little higher grade level. This is what is taught through advance education and believed by most people.

So what is SSMM?           Star dust to Sea Things to Monkeys to Me.

The image keeps it simple. The stand-in for star dust particles is the jar on the left full of particles. They are really smart particles that form the universe! After billions of years some sea things emerge on earth, the not-so-unique planet. Some sea things get caught in mud and fossilize, like the fossil to the right of the star dust. After many more millions of years, monkeys (see my little representative monkey toy) and apes show up, who we are taught are our distant relatives. Then, after a few more dozens of millions of years, here I am on the right side of my distant relative, the monkey. The image is a representative of a general time line of what is taught and has been taught for decades.

It’s wrong. The evidence shows it to be wrong.

Missing links cannot be found to get to man, to get from dinosaurs to a smarter animal, to get from sea things to dinosaurs, and the list goes on. The search goes on for missing links in fossils but they are not there. What can be found from fossils through recent history is that KINDS of things stay the same. Species in a kind might develop, just like different breeds of  dogs and wolves, but they don’t turn into really smart animals that change form and shape to something else. Further, plant things have defined kinds as well. In the end, the earth is special — very special. Genetics shows we are going downhill — not uphill. So, what do we do?

We tell what God says about creation in Genesis 1 and 2. When children and teachers begin to ask why things are not right, which most children do by the 4th and 5th grade, we go through Genesis 3 and following chapters. When they want to know where the fossils came from, we go over the Genesis Flood. When it begins to sink in that mankind is a mess and is not getting better, we talk about what happened at the beginning. It is why we need a Savior, Jesus Christ, the Creator, to save us from the sin that beset everything just after creation.

What do you tell your children? What do you believe and what is the evidence? What assumptions go with your belief?

Now a Bible study, a book, an ebook, and a free cell phone APP cover all of this in much greater detail in a systematic course that was written at the high school level. Tenth graders can handle the content. Go to COURSES in the drop down menu to see some resources you can get, and critical ones are free. They all refer back to the only reliable Witness and His record: the Bible. There are scientists and specialists who believe the biblical world view. The evidence supports creation, the Genesis Flood, and the incredible complexity of the universe.

Or, one can simply believe what is popularly taught. I challenge you to look at the assumptions and take the course. It affects living.

Roland Beard

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  1. Awesome Roland… took the advice and now writing a book
    That actually is a worthwhile meaningful read. Keep going the
    Children need as well as some adults!!

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