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This Home Gallery presents the viewer with pictures and explanation of the home-based functions of CHRISTWORKS MINISTRIES over the years. It is our view that believers have a powerful tool at their disposal when they view their home as a place of hospitality, love, and activity related to the Kingdom of God. This kind of view does not develop over night; it takes time and effort as believers walk with God. We started decades ago as young believers in simple ways: having someone to dinner, then offering a place to rest, then actively assisting those in need. Where does the energy come from? As we learn and experience Christ’s love for us, then we begin to love others. It is that simple. It is a matter of heart attitude, obedience, and faith. Whether a home is a tent or a castle, fixed in one place or on the move, it can be a place where a person or a family can welcome friends or strangers for fellowship, edification, exhortation, and love.

The home gallery is divided into two parts or pages. The first takes you to folders of activities and pictures related to our home-based projects over the years, although we emphasize more recent projects. The second takes you to the 4th Day Observing Site, which is our astronomy observing site at our home in Crozet, Virginia. We developed astronomy observing as a hobby, but it grew in complexity and function as we began using it to develop materials to teach others how to observe the heavens with a Biblical view.

Please remember that the gallery is not about drawing attention to us. We humbly submit to you that we are a small example of what home-based service to God can do. Hence, we are looking for believers in Christ to rise up and do the same thing: make the place you live a place and base to glorify God, serve Him, and love others. If interested in pursuing this direction and have questions, let us know. If you are doing it already and need encouragement, let us know. We have seen believers go in a multitude of directions in their love for God as they have taken this kind of direction where they live. Click here to enjoy the tour.

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